Police urge businesses to upgrade surveillance in Brisbane

Police urge businesses to upgrade surveillance

Police in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley are encouraging businesses to take more security precautions through video surveillance in an effort to improve speed and accuracy in identifying suspects. 

According to the Brisbane Times, police have been visiting businesses in the Fortitude Valley area in a bid to get them to upgrade their security measures after a flurry of break-ins on Wickham Street. 

Fortitude Valley's Acting Inspector Corey Allen estimated that some businesses haven't realised that the cost for video surveillance has come down, while quality has improved. 

He also expressed police intention to engage businesses and residents in the community to address the issue of improving current security measures, mentioning security cameras as a key area of concern. 

"I don't think it's the deterrent it once was," he said. "People don't see a camera and say 'oh, I'd better stop' but when you get a good shot of someone we're really quick at identifying them and rounding them up."

In the south of the city, police in the Calamvale area have been trying to implement a comprehensive map of security camera coverage to aid police in identifying suspects. The project has only had limited success so far, as reported by the Brisbane Times, with sporadic registration over the past year. 

With a system of multiple street-facing cameras, Calamvale Police hope to be able to use recordings to gather evidence about possible crimes in the surrounding area. Calamvale Police Station Officer-in-Charge Senior Sergeant Lance Bowman considered surveillance footage a "critical" tool in finding suspects. 

"A picture's worth a thousand words," said Senior Sergeant Bowman. He also added that descriptions of suspects in a moment of panic were not always reliable, where security footage isn't affected by emotion. 

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