Brisbane burglary hotspots revealed

Brisbane burglary hotspots revealed

Is your home and business located in a burglary hot spot? New figures provided by the Queensland Police Service to Quest News can answer this question, with some suburbs recording drastically higher numbers than others.

Premises within these areas should be investing in effective security systems if they haven't already. Even those who think they are sufficiently protected should be prompted into reviewing their current arrangement.

Inala recorded the highest total for all suburbs, with 272 residential break-ins reported in 2015. There was a significant gap to the second-placed Forest Lake, which came in at 205, according to Quest News on April 9.

Deception Bay and Caboolture were the only areas north of the city to make their way onto the list, chalking up results of 203 and 112 respectively.

Upper Mount Gravatt Acting Senior Sergeant Alasdair MacLeod believes the locations of these suburbs in relation to the city's rail network affected the numbers.

"That's why police run rail operations because if we get people on other offences like evading fares and outstanding warrants, they can't commit breaks," said Mr MacLeod, as quoted in the Quest News piece.

"Having said that, we've solved and cleared incidents well above the state ­average."

This has severe implications for residents and businesses located in these communities, as the high rate of crime puts an extra strain on resources and can cause stress due to the continual risk of break-ins.

There are a number of options for people living in Brisbane,and working in these areas to consider in order to react effectively to these statistics. For homes, visual alarm systems can help with security, enabling any activity recorded at night or while the property is unattended to be sent to a monitoring centre for verification.

Brisbane Businesses in the affected regions may consider supplement standard CCTV networks with mobile patrol services, allowing their premises to be inspected by trained professionals throughout the night.

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